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Bixby CEREC Crowns- The Dental Studio of South Tulsa

At The Dental Studio of South Tulsa, our goal is to bring the most innovative and effective dental treatments to our patients in Bixby, and your smile will be the best accessory you own when it’s created with Bixby CEREC crowns. We are conveniently located in South Tulsa, and have a passion to serve all surrounding communities, including Bixby!

A CEREC crown can be created and placed in just one appointment, which means you are able to see your results sooner than ever before.

During your appointment, your CEREC crown will be created in-office with porcelain that is handpicked for you specifically. Your new crown will perfectly match the color of your natural teeth and won’t have any harsh lines or unnatural shapes.

CEREC crowns are placed using a rubber-like material contoured specifically to your teeth to create a comfortable fit. The crowns are designed to function as a natural tooth would, and they won’t slip or loosen over time, so they will last many years with proper care and maintenance.

Our team’s commitment to excellence means we’ll make sure your Bixby CEREC crown lasts as long as possible by inspecting, cleaning, and repairing it right alongside your other teeth when you come in for checkups.

CEREC crowns are the ideal way to restore your smile’s natural beauty without compromising on quality or comfort, which is why we offer them at The Dental Studio of South Tulsa.

Benefits of CEREC Crowns Serving Bixby

CEREC crowns provide many benefits, including:

  • Aesthetics: Teeth look and feel completely natural and healthy.
  • Comfort: CEREC crowns have a more comfortable process with no temporary crowns and fewer appointments required.
  • Durability: The milled ceramic CEREC crowns are made from is the strongest material available for dental crowns.


There’s no reason to spend time and money on a tooth restoration that won’t look or feel natural when you can receive a CEREC crown in just one appointment near your home in Bixby at The Dental Studio of South Tulsa.

Learn More About Bixby CEREC Crowns

When it comes to proper dental hygiene, a well-made crown can greatly improve one’s life. With traditional crowns, there’s too much risk and little reward. At the Dental Studio of South Tulsa, we are dedicated to ensuring that our patients are given the best technology available in the dental industry. This is why we offer the CEREC crown to our patients. We want you to feel the most comfortable when it comes to dental procedures. While we love seeing your smiling faces, we also love saving you time outside the dental office. Therefore our decision to offer the CEREC crowns was an easy one.


If you are looking to find out more information or schedule your first appointment for a Bixby CEREC crown, contact us today!

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