Broken Arrow CEREC Crowns

Broken Arrow CEREC Crowns


When it comes to dental restoration, this can often take a devastating toll on the affected person. It’s a hassle to get a crown put in place and can be a long process that takes days. However, at The Dental Studio of South Tulsa, we’re flipping the script on this. The introduction of the CEREC crown has helped to put our patient’s minds at ease with a quicker and better solution to dental issues they might be facing.

Along with being one of the strongest dental options, it’s also one of the fastest. Most of those who receive the Broken Arrow CEREC crown procedure can return to work on the same day, meaning less time in the dentist’s chair and more time to do the things you enjoy!

Our goal at The Dental Studio of South Tulsa is to offer our patients the latest technology and this includes the CEREC crown. The lack of metal involved with the crown, also allows it to form with the natural tissue. This means a less artificial look with your teeth and a happier smile.


What Sets Broken Arrow CEREC Crowns Apart?


One of the best features that CEREC crowns have is that they are made in the office and allow the team to closely replicate your teeth. This means that the crowns will not stick out like a sore thumb and instead will be able to blend in with the rest of your teeth.

With CEREC the material is also able to form with the oral tissue around the tooth. This means that there’s less chance of a crown being rejected and a greater chance of you being infection-free from the process! On top of all this, the CEREC crown is also one of the strongest crowns available. Meaning that traditional crowns are left obsolete and leaving those who receive them wanting more.

Traditional crowns often take five or more months and involve getting a temporary crown. This is a hassle that eats into your time, meaning less time to enjoy your free time. The Broken Arrow CEREC crown is a simple process that is completed in a few simple steps. This means the days of waiting for a second appointment are over!


Learn More About Broken Arrow CEREC Crowns


When it comes to proper dental hygiene, a well-made crown can greatly improve one’s life. With traditional crowns, there’s too much risk and little reward. At the Dental Studio of South Tulsa, we are dedicated to ensuring that our patients are given the best technology available in the dental industry. This is why we offer the CEREC crown to our patients.

We want you to feel the most comfortable when it comes to dental procedures. While we love seeing your smiling faces, we also love saving you time outside the dental office. Therefore our decision to offer CEREC crowns in Broken Arrow was an easy one.

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