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Tulsa Broken Tooth

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A broken tooth is something that can happen out of nowhere and knowing what to do is very important in order to get it fixed as soon as possible and prevent any further pain that was created by the Tulsa Broken Tooth. This article will discuss the different kinds of broken teeth and what should be done to fix them.

Causes of a Broken Tooth

Teeth are very strong but it is still possible for them to break, chip, and crack. The cause of the breaking can be from something as severe as a car crash or possibly even something a little less extreme such as an old filling or even biting down on something too hard. Regardless of the cause it is still crucial to visit your local dentist as soon as possible in order to fix the Tulsa Broken Tooth. One can not fix a broken tooth at home so that is why you must visit a dental office such as The Dental Studio of South Tulsa as soon as possible after the accident. Many experience different levels of pain when it comes to a broken tooth and if that pain is constant and unbearable there is the possibility that the nerve in the tooth is damaged or even possibly the blood vessels. If this is the case, the only possible way to fix it is a root canal. Before you can get in and actually get the tooth fixed, there are important steps to follow prior to your dental visit.

Steps to Take

Tulsa Broken ToothFirst step to take after a break or chip in your tooth is to rinse your mouth out with warm water and if the break has caused bleeding, make sure to apply pressure to the tooth with gauze for roughly ten minutes or at least until the bleeding decides to stop. Another good strategy to utilize is to take an ice pack or something cold to hold against your cheek next to the tooth. What this does is it takes the swelling down (if there is any) and greatly will reduce any pain being experienced. Over the counter medications such as ibuprofen are also a good way to relieve any pain caused by a Tulsa Broken Tooth.

What to Expect

So it is time for your visit to the dentist so that they can fix your tooth but you are not exactly sure what to expect. Depending on what type of damage your tooth has, there are multiple different procedures to fix the tooth. As stated earlier, nerve damage can only be fixed by a root canal. If there was a cavity that caused the tooth to break then a filling will be required so that it can’t cause further damage. If the tooth was broken or cracked because of tooth decay then one likely outcome is that the tooth will need to be removed but a replacement tooth is usually an option to replace the Tulsa Broken Tooth.


Life happens and one should always expect the unexpected so it is important to know these things in case you get a Tulsa Broken Tooth.

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